Friday, September 14, 2012

Better to Make Fun of People than to Conform!

I have always tried to be an individual, a leader rather than a follower, think outside the box, etc...
When I decide I like something it's usually because its different or no one has it.  Once, there is a following for the think I liked FIRST, I no longer like it that much.  For Example, I have always liked cartoons and I still do.  Looney Toons was my favorite growing up.  So, when I was young, I decided I liked Marvin the Martian.  He was funny and angry and NO ONE liked him.  Everyone loved Bugs Bunny or Coyote and Road Runner or Sylvester and Tweety, but No One was into Marvin.  So, I decided he was cool and I began to buy Marvin shit.  Like a Pen or Coffee Mug, a T-Shirt, etc... He was hard to find and didn't come easy, you really had to look to find Marvin stuff.   Next thing I know there are Looney Toons - Warner Bros. stores everywhere.  I see people wearing Looney Toon shirts and caps all over the place.  One day I'm in the mall and I go into a Looney Toons store and there is MARVIN everywhere.  My Mom and my friends know of my affection for Marvin, so for the next several years I receive many Marvin Gifts.  I had pens, hats, shirts, mugs, beer glasses, buttons, Christmas ornaments, etc...After that, everyone liked him and it was almost like he was the most popular character.  I'm like WTH? Marvin is MINE! So, of course I didn't like him all that much anymore. THEY RUINED IT!  Now, I must make fun of the Marvin followers! Nerds!

Now, Lets talk about the overuse of words and phrases.  Now there are the old classics like: Cool, Awesome, Later, What's Up, etc........those I can overlook, they are overused sometimes but they are classics and I approve of them.  However,  I can not stand phrases like: Just Sayin' - OMFG! it's everywhere, all over facebook, twitter, texts, TV shows, everyday conversation. It is WAY overused and I refuse to say that and I will never say that!  I fucking know you are just saying you just said it.  It's stupid and doesn't even make sense.  It Is What It Is -  I hate this one with a passion! What the hell does that mean? This is one that is everywhere also.  Any conversation you have with someone ends with "Well, It is what it is"  Really? Is it?  Maybe It is what it's NOT! Soon as someone says, types, texts or tweets this I immediately make an over exaggerated eye roll followed by a bitch face!  I cant stand it!!

Eye Roll

Bitch Faces
LOL-  this one is of course texted or tweeted or facebooked or whatever but it's is probably the most overused words or abbrev. phrase ever! I never ever use it and it drives me crazy.  It's is used incorrectly all the time or at inappropriate times and a reason for people to be passive aggressive but then use LOL and pretend they are not.  At the end of the Day - This one is just annoying as Fuck!  " Well I lost my job and my car broke down and my dog died and I have herpes BUT At the end of the day, It is what it is, LOL!"   Have we just lost our abilities to speak English or come up with other words to express ourselves or are we only able to copy and conform to what everyone else says and does. Jesus, I mean at least TRY to be a little different, make up your own words or use words that everyone else doesn't use 187 times a day or get a Thesaurus.  OK, I'm not saying that you can never say anything that other people say or the most popular slang or silly fun words but just mix it up a little.  I mean, I love love love to curse (or cuss depending on where you are from).  I don't have to do it, but I like it and its funny! I like to make up my own curses or add crazy words to my curses and rants.

TFH - "That's Fucking Hilarious"
Ruthless Rutabaga (This one I stole)
Fuck Nuggets
London Berries
Nut Crusts
Wash your Bag
You Just Fucked the Monkey!

Anyway, You get the idea.............It's fine to like things that other people like or what's popular or say what all the cool kids are saying........Just don't be afraid to say what YOU want to say or like what YOU want to like!


  1. At the end of the day that's just TFH. Love all the made up words. Good times! Just sayin'

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