Friday, August 17, 2012

The Smurfs have disbanded.....

Ah Yes, I know what you're thinking but I'm not talking about the REAL Smurfs.  Just a small group of my high school friends who once had a kegger and by sunrise had a whole new smurf language and all had smurfs names. Let me see, there was: Nasty Smurf, Thrasher Smurf, Chillin' Smurf, Ruthless Rutabaga Smurf, maybe a Crazy Smurf and a Drunken Smurf and a few others. Anyway, this all came about when a group of us were still drunk and talking as the sun came up after a "*pasture party".  (Yes, I grew up in a Water Tower Town) So, I think I said something along the the lines of  "Why do the Smurfs always say like that's so smurfy or that's not very smurf?" So, this starts a huge discussion on Smurf lingo and Smurf names.  We used phrases like "Oh Smurf!" or "Smurfin' and Chillin" or "Oh My Smurf!" or "I'm so freakin' Smurfed!". So, this went on for years and still to this day, we all remember our smurf names and reminisce about our drunken night and the birth of our smurfy alter egos.  Now WHY am I sharing this and chose this to be my first blog?  I have no idea,  but a conversation I had today reminded me of this story.  The conversation was that the Smurfs were named after their personalities or what they were good at and I thought it would be cool if we did that in life, so like when you were introduced to someone new, you would know right away what kinda person they are.  So instead of  Handy Smurf, it could be Handy Human and so on....Also I find it suspicious that all the smurfs had pretty positive smurf names.  I mean, where was Douche Bag Smurf, Slutty Smurf, Clepto Smurf, etc... Papa Smurf must have banished them to back of the village. 
* Pasture Party - In rural parts of the country, a party in a pasture where underage kids go to drink alcohol - usually high school kids or adult rednecks.

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  1. I like it! Ruthless rutabaga!!! That's smurfarific!